We offer different pricing plans that suite the needs of any size sales team.

ClickPoint Free Trial: Get your feet wet with a 5GB of storage with full functionality with the exception of RingResponse and bulk email delivery.  

ClickPoint Per User: Per user, month-to-month licensing price is $65 and includes up to 200 emails per day, per salesperson.  It includes unlimited support and maintenance as well as up to 10GB of lead storage. 

RingResponse Per User: Per user, month-to-month licensing is $40 and associated per minute charges of .05 per minute for outbound or inbound local calls and .06 toll for inbound and outbound calls.  

RingResponse Text SMS: Text SMS is priced based based on each message delivered. 

Data Storage Fees: Each account includes 5GB of lead data storage and for most midsize accounts this is more than enough.  For enterprise accounts that require more data retention a charge of $10 per month, per 1GB is added to your monthly fee.  

Custom Development: If you require customization and integration from our custom development team, the fee is $225 per hour.

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