The Holding Bin allows Marketing Managers to import leads which are part of a Direct Mail campaign. Each of these records are assigned a RefCode (also called a Reservation Number). Leads which are imported to the Holding Bin can only be found by inputting the RefCode in the Search Bar or via the Holding Bin node using RingResponse.

Note: Use the Import Utility just as you would for your list loads, follow all the same steps outlined in the Import Leads to ClickPoint via Excel file article.

Import to Holding Bin

  • The Import To column has a drop-down ( 1 ), select Holding Bin instead of Records. 

  • Your file must have a unique numeric value to map to the RefCode column on the Mapping Page. 

Note: Consider mapping your Reservation Number in your file to both the mandatory RefCode column for the ClickPoint system as well as a ReservationNumber field which could be made visible on your Lead Manager Screen.

  • Continue to follow normal mapping and then select Import

  • The files will now be in a Holding Bin

Import To: Holding Bin from drop-down

Mapping to the Ref Code field in the ClickPoint system

Searching the Holding Bin from the Lead Manager Screen

  • To search for a Reference Code, type the number sign # and the number given as Reference and either hit the Enter key or Click the Magnify Glass to search. Once the Lead is located in ClickPoint via the performed Search, the lead will populate.

  • Example: #456789

Note: If you import multiple records with the same Ref Code, the most recent record imported is always referenced first. 

Search Example from My Leads

Note: Once a lead has been located using the Reference Code the Lead cannot be searched again by the same Reference Code. The Lead will now be viewable or active in My Leads and can be searched using any other criteria.

Searching the Holding Bin Using RingResponse

  • Instead of having your users manually key in a RefCode, improve on the customer experience by using the Holding Bin node with RingResponse. You can configure a Call Flow to direct a caller to key in their Ref Code presented to them on their mailer and have that call route to an available user. 

Holding Bin Node Using RingResponse

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