Before you can use RingResponse, you must enable the integration for ClickPoint. After the feature is enabled, make sure you enable it for your sales team as outlined below.

Enabling RingResponse for ClickPoint

  • Navigate to More, select Settings, and select RingResponse Features under the group Capture and Route Phone Calls + Outbound Dialing.

  • RingResponse requires activation under both Inbound and Outbound Call if you wish to make and receive calls. If you wish to also send text messages, make sure to enable RingResponse Text SMS.

Enable RingResponse within ClickPoint Software

RingResponse Integration

  • After activation, configuration options are now available to the Administrator. To access, your administrator role found within Roles and Permissions needs to be updated to include the permissions found under the RingResponse group.

Update User Role

Enabling RingResponse for Users

  • Once the feature is enabled, make sure you enable RingResponse for your individual users via the Manage Users screen. 

Note: When you enable RingResponse for your users, unless outlined in your service agreement, your account may incur additional license fees per enabled user. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to

Enabling RingResponse for your Users

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