To Return a Lead is to Remove a Lead. Once a Lead is Returned it is removed from view in My Leads, unless specifically searched for.

Returning a Lead

My Leads

  • Go To My Leads ( 1 ).

  • Select the Lead by checking the check mark box or by simply clicking anywhere on the Lead to highlight the Lead.

Update lead

  • Next Select the Update icon located on the column header toolbar above the Leads, or click on the small pencil icon located to the far left of the Lead information.

Return lead

  • Select Return, the ‘Return a Lead’ modal will pop up, enter a Return Reason and then click Save to successfully Return the Lead. You can also Return more than one Lead at a time, if you have selected more than one Lead, select the 'Enable for All Leads' checkbox.

Note: Do keep in mind this removes the Lead, it can be searched for by using Filters.

How to Filter Leads to show Returned leads

  • Go To My Leads

  • Click on Filters – this is located on the My Leads or LMS column header toolbar

Note: When using Filters, good practice is to ensure you have the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Date set on the My Leads Calendar located to the far left of the LMS column header toolbar. If you want to search All Leads for All Record Types, Click on the Search Leads bar and tap your Enter key, or click the Magnify Glass icon/Search icon - with no data in the Search bar - this will load all Leads for each Record Type received during the date range, you have selected.

  • Click on Show Returned

Show Returned

  • Leads will load and you will notice which Leads are Returned by viewing the ‘Is Returned’ field. There are two available options for Returned Leads, True or False.

  • True = the Lead has been Returned

  • False = the Lead has not been Returned

Note: To sort the Returned leads, click on the field Is Returned - this will sort and display values of True and False by grouping all True and all False together respectively. To sort the values of True or False, simply click on the column 'Is Returned'.

  • The field next to ‘Is Returned’ is ‘Return Reason’ – this will display what note or reason a User added when they received the pop-up for giving a Return reason.

  • This data can be Exported by Selecting the Export icon in the LMS column header toolbar - this Exports the Leads you have Filtered into an Excel file.

  • Just as you can ‘Show Returned’ Leads, once you’ve performed the Filter for ‘Show Returned,’ you can also ‘Hide Returned’. This is specifically a good practice if you are Filtering for Invalid Leads in addition to the Returned Leads.

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