• SalesExec - The ability to filter by Invalid or Returned leads will now only display when the Lead Manager Screen is in search mode as the options are non-functional from the default LMS view
  • SalesExec - When deleting workflow statuses, more information will be displayed from the confirmation modal 
  • RingResponse - Performance improvements for loading SMS conversations 
  • RingResponse - SMS conversations will now automatically fall off the conversation list when no activity is recorded for the past seven days 


  • SalesExec - Corrected a timeout issue that could sometimes occur when exporting lead data through the SOAP API endpoints 
  • RingResponse - Fixed the call history order in the Call Details modal
  • RingResponse - Fixed a back end exception during lead creation with an unrecognized name format
  • RingResponse - Fixed an issue where the pricing details would not appear in the purchasing confirmation modal


  • SalesExec - Background updates to data warehouse services to apply new indices
  • SalesExec - Miscellaneous updates to email templates in trial accounts 
  • SalesExec - Miscellaneous back end adjustments to actions 


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