• SalesExec API - Corrected an issue where SOAP DataPull requests without defined Skip and Take parameters would not run 
  • SalesExec - Fixed an issue where the Welcome page would not properly display in certain circumstances 


  • RingResponse - Back end updates to facilitate SMS for the SalesExec mobile app
  • SalesExec - Updated warning message for failed email distribution 


  • SalesExec API - Improved response time on the UserAccount endpoint
  • SalesExec - Improved system performance for manual email distribution 
  • RingResponse - SMS messages notifications will now be displayed to the user if a lead is transferred with unread messages 
  • SalesExec - Optimizations made to background Task Queue service to utilize a higher performing service bus
  • SalesExec - Updated the Detailed Performance Report to more accurately display leads worked out of Pull or Push distributions.  

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