User Roles

When configuring your ClickPoint account, think about the type of users you have and the role they fill within your organization. Typically, those roles might be sales/ customer service, sales managers, or administrators. Each role may have different access levels regarding lead view, different permissions related to lead field updates, or access to various features.

Accessing a User Role

  • Navigate to More > Settings > Create Roles and Permissions.

Editing a User Role

  • Choose the Role you wish to edit and click the Edit button (pencil icon).

Setting Permissions for a Role

The first group of permissions apply to functionality available for the users associated to the role. In general, they can be categorized by features for an administrator, a manager and a user. 

User Role Permissions

Administrator Function

  • Assign Subordinate Roles – Update user roles within your branch
  • Edit Product Sale Price – Manage sales price within the Product feature
  • Manage Accounts – Manage Users within ClickPoint
  • Manage Automated Events – Add, remove or update Automated Events
  • Manage Billing – Manage your billing within ClickPoint
  • Manage Direct Mail – Coming Soon!
  • Manage Email Templates – Create and update email templates
  • Manage Fees and Commissions – Manage fees and commissions as they relate to Products
  • Manage Integrations – Manage account wide integration features
  • Manage Lead Manager Field Setup – Manage column layout on the Lead Manager Screen
  • Manage Portals – Manage the ‘Do Not Contact’ portal
  • Manage Lead Sources – Ability to manage Marketing Channels, Lead Sources and Campaign
  • Manage Lead Types – Ability to update lead/ record types as they relate to your lead fields
  • Manage Notifications – Manage and update user notifications for things like appointments and lead assignment
  • Manage Nurture – Administer and create Nurture Strategies
  • Manage Roles – Ability to manage roles for all users
  • Manage System Settings – Ability to set account wide settings
  • Manage Workflow – Ability to update and manage your workflow and sales milestones
  • Update a Lead's Marketing Channel, Lead Source or Campaign – Ability to update a lead’s Marketing Channel, Lead Source or Campaign after a lead is created

Manager Functions

  • Enable Reports Feature – Ability to review reports
  • Manage Do Not Contact – Ability to manage entries on the ‘Do Not Contact’ list
  • Manage Lead Distribution – Ability to create and manage Pull and Push Distribution strategies
  • Manage Products – Administer and manage products for an account
  • Manage Settings – Access to More > My Settings
  • Manage Scoreboards – Ability to access, manage and build Scoreboard Reports
  • View Peer Reporting Data – Allows a user to view reporting information related to other users within the same branch on Dashboard Reports.
  • Change Pull Distribution Assignments – Ability to update distribution priority

User and Manager Functions

  • Enable Add New Leads – Ability to add a new lead to ClickPoint manually
  • Enable Calendar – Ability to access main Calendar from the tool bar
  • Enable Contacts Feature – Access to add, update or remove Contacts from an account
  • Enable 'Go To Home' – Remove the Home feature from the tool bar
  • Enable Help – Ability to access Help from the tool bar
  • Enable Lead Import – Ability to import bulk leads
  • Enable My Leads – Access to My Leads function on tool bar
  • Enable Products Feature – Access to the Products feature in the tool bar
  • Enable Pull Feature – Access to the Pull feature in the tool bar
  • Enable 'Set As Home' – Ability to update a screen as a home page
  • Enable Welcome Screen – Remove the Welcome Screen for new accounts
  • Manage 'My Account' – Ability to restrict access to My Account within the tool bar
  • Manual Close Lead – Restrict the ability to close a lead manually from the Lead Manager Screen
  • Transfer Records – Restrict the ability to transfer a lead from the tool bar
  • View Rejected Leads - Ability to access duplicate leads page from the Lead Manager Screen filter options
  • Enable Export from My Leads - Restrict the ability to export leads from the Lead Manager Screen.

Setting Field Permissions for a Role

Depending on the type of user, you may decide to restrict certain lead fields to Read Only, Deny, or Allow. Towards the bottom of the screen, you can set the field permissions for each record type for the user role. 

  • Read Only allows a field to be visible but restricts updating
  • Deny removes the field from view for a particular role
  • Allow allows for full view and update

Field Permissions for a User Role

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