Transferring Leads can be key when managing Leads from the My Leads page, or Lead Manager Screen (LMS). At times, depending on business needs, Users may find they need to Transfer a lead to another User; or as an Administrator you may want to manage these Transfers manually. Below is an easy, step by step process for Transferring Leads.

Note: Users, who are do not have Administrator permissions may require this Permissions for this Transfer Feature. To learn Enable this Permission - Go To - Roles and Permission in Settings. You can also view an article about Roles and Permissions here.

Transferring a Lead

  • Transfer Leads – Assign or Transfer a lead to another user/agent. With a lead highlighted, either by marking the check-mark box or clicking in the lead line, click Transfer.

Go to My Leads screen

Once a lead is selected, the Transfer button is available

Transfer Leads modal

  • If the lead has scheduled appointments click the Yes/No toggle button, the default is No, once clicked this will display as Yes to allow the transfer of appointments, this will transfer all appointments scheduled for this lead along with all lead data.
  • Select Branch from the drop-down (if appropriate for your business) and select Agent from the drop-down.
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